Hotel Emporium is a direct manufacturer of premium hotel amenities. We founded Hotel Emporium in 1997 with one mission: elevate the standards of the hospitality industry. From the start, our company's motto and goal has been six small words: "Quality and Service You Can Trust." We pride ourselves on being the leader in the supply of amenities that deliver on quality luxury and sophistication.

"Quality and Service You Can Trust."


Today the opportunities are greater than ever. Places of accommodation all around the world are depending on brand loyalty and recognition and we have the expertise to act as your very own concierge of amenities. Our in-house design team allows us to capture a hotel’s individuality and reflect that essence into unique customized guest room amenities. In addition to having our own design team and manufacturing capabilities we have also pre-selected the best vendors in the business, making us your one-direct source for all guest amenities and guest room items.


We specialize in products for your guest rooms from the essential to the luxurious. We take special interest in assisting you in finding your signature amenities - products that reflect the unique qualities of your establishment and ensure your guests' return. All of our products are derived from the most exotic destinations around the globe. They contain the finest formulations that are produced by using natural botanicals, rich fragrances, and the finest natural and organic extracts.


Today, Hotel Emporium works with partner manufacturing plants and sales offices around the world, including USA (California), United Kingdom, China, Malaysia, Dubai, France, and Sri Lanka. Since 2002, Hotel Emporium has become an industry leader, servicing over thousands of hotels worldwide. We partner with sales representatives around the world to distribute our high quality products.

A Family Company

We are a certified Minority and Family-owned company with a passion for providing premium products, attentive customer care, and unrivaled pricing. As a family owned business we want to preserve and protect our planet for generations to come which lead to the development of our Eco-Friendly amenities collections. We continue to innovate and elevate the hospitality industry to reach a new standard of excellence in order to inspire our children’s children for years to come!