Ben Sherman

Ben Sherman

A Modern British Icon

Ben Sherman has always been for the individuals, for those that set themselves apart. Since 1963, the brand has an iconic look all of their own: sharp, tailored, and authentic. These key elements have been combined to develop this Modern British Iconic Hotel Amenities Collection. The Ben Sherman shirt is a cornerstone of the brand. The shirts were revolutionary and a huge success, offering something brand new and previously unseen in England. British youth culture quickly embraced the Ben Sherman shirt, loving the high-quality, slim-fitting style, and its color and unique design. The Ben Sherman shirt and brand have been adopted by almost every youth culture and style movement of the last 5 decades, from the Mods, 2 Tone and Ska, to Britpop, and is still worn today by the current bands and style leaders of the current decade. Ben Sherman remains a leader of modern British style, solidifying the Ben Sherman shirt as an icon.

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