Revolutionary Zero Plastic Amenities

ECO POD is a pioneer against the single-use plastic pollution, heavy liquid formulations, and bacteria contamination that arise in dispensers. Easy to use, easy to ship, and easy to compost. Together, we can have a stronger impact on the road to a zero plastic future. The fully compostable paper packaging and is made with bamboo, sugarcane, and wood fibers, and printed with soy-based ink printing. A concentrated, waterless powder formula allows lighter transportation, less water consumption, and an overall lower carbon footprint. Each pod has up to 4 uses per pod depending on hair length and use. The pod design ensures easy disposal and a bacteria-free environment. Pour some powder into hand, add water, and rub hands together to turn powder to creamy lather. Apply to wet hair or wet skin, then rinse well!

(Patent Pending Packaging and Product)


Paper packaging is fully compostable with bamboo, sugarcane, and wood fibers, and soy-based ink printing.


Waste stackable product containing up to 4 uses per pod, ensuring a bacteria-free environment and easy disposal.


Powder based amenities allow lighter transportation and lower carbon footprint. Just add water to use.


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