Hotel Emporium Announces Fresh Design Updates to First-to-Market Floating Dispenser

Source: Packaging Dive

Hotel Emporium, the leading direct manufacturer of premium, sustainable hotel amenities, today announces new design updates to its bulk Floating Dispenser, an eco-friendly dispenser the first of its kind that was initially announced in 2022. With this fresh upgrade featuring a new modern style, refillable capabilities and an eco-conscious construction of recycled plastic, Hotel Emporium’s Floating Dispenser further disrupts the status quo by leaning further into a future of heightened sustainability.

Offering conditioning shampoo, conditioner, hand and body wash and moisturizer, the Floating Dispenser at launch was unlike anything the hotel industry had seen, created as the perfect transitional product for moving from small plastic toiletries to larger, eco-friendly dispensing solutions. Through its unique design, it provided operational efficiencies for hotels of all sizes which reduced costs and saved time and money, as well as streamlined processes overall.

The Floating Dispenser is available across our product line, such as Terra Green and Woodbury and Co., notable luxury brands like Badgley Mischka, and consumer favorite Kenneth Cole, which recently chose to be featured on the dispenser for its distribution in all the presidential suites of a renowned hotel group of 6,000 properties.

The updated version builds upon the standout qualities it has become known for and is now amplified. Users will enjoy heightened style, as the Floating Dispenser has been reimagined in various sleek shapes – curved, rectangle and cylinder – for added flexibility that will complement any hotel room décor. The floating dispenser has a magnetic key and bracket system design. As well as features a convenient refillable functionality, in addition to construction of recycled plastic, both of which fall in line with the company’s focus on the environment. 

“In 2022, we saw there was a strong need to move away from the small toiletries most guests have come accustomed to, especially when considering the health of our planet, so our team got to work in addressing the issue,” said Andy De Silva, CEO of Hotel Emporium. “We are so proud to see that the Floating Dispenser has really sparked a revolution among others in our space to manufacture a twin product, as well as made such an impact for various hotels. We’re excited to see what the reaction will be to these new designs.”

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