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Hotel Emporium Ecolosophy

Our Ecolosophy

Hotel Emporium’s commitment to a “green” standard is demonstrated through our eco manufacturing practices, environmentally friendly workplace, promotion of natural and recyclable products, and collaborations with proactive sustainable organizations.

The values
we uphold

At Hotel Emporium, our core values are the foundation of our identity. We are committed to integrity, innovation, and sustainability. These principles guide our decisions and actions, ensuring we always operate responsibly and creatively to meet the needs of our guests, partners, and the planet.

The work
we do

Our work is centered around providing exceptional, environmentally responsible hospitality products. We strive to innovate continuously, pushing boundaries in eco-friendly manufacturing and ethical sourcing to deliver superior quality and sustainable luxury to our clients globally.

Hotel Emporium sustainability

Growing and Building
Through The Years

Hotel Emporium 2003

Hotel Emporium is incorporated by Andy De Silva & Lalith James

Hotel Emporium 2010

Ecolosophy launched, our sustainability awareness program

Hotel Emporium 2011

Terra Green is launched, the first eco-friendly collection with braille for the visually impaired.

Hotel Emporium 2014

H.E. Manufacturing (M) SDN BHD is established to focus solely on sustainable soap production.

Hotel Emporium 2015

Introduced our innovative Elemint collection, featuring a 100% recyclable pouch that uses significantly less plastic than traditional packaging.

Hotel Emporium 2020

Hotel Emporium launches sustainable and zero-plastic single-use amenities: Eco Pod, an award-winning product recognized twice in recent years

Hotel Emporium 2023

Hotel Emporium introduces eco-friendly and zero-plastic accessory product line: K-Eco Collection

Hotel Emporium 2024

Hotel Emporium joins EcoVadis, the world's largest ESG auditor, enhancing our sustainability and compliance efforts.

Hotel Emporium sustainability

Making a Difference with Our Global
Sustainability Partners

Preserving the planet is a worldwide endeavor, so we collaborate with organizations across the globe to make a positive impact.

Hotel Emporium partnership with One Tree Planted

Hotel Emporium is proud to partner with One Tree Planted, a non-profit organization dedicated to global reforestation.

Together, we are contributing to the restoration of forests by planting 3,000 trees worldwide. This partnership aligns with our commitment to environmental stewardship and helps combat climate change while supporting local communities.

Hotel Emporium partnership with Plastic Oceans

In our ongoing efforts to reduce plastic pollution, Hotel Emporium has partnered with Plastic Oceans, an organization focused on ending plastic pollution and fostering sustainable communities. Through this collaboration, we aim to support initiatives that remove plastic from our oceans, promote recycling, and educate the public on the importance of reducing plastic waste.

Hotel Emporium partnership with Clean the World

To further our commitment to sustainability and global health, Hotel Emporium has partnered with Clean the World. This organization is dedicated to recycling discarded soap from hotels and distributing it to communities in need. Through our collaboration, we aim to support initiatives that improve hygiene, reduce waste, and promote a healthier, more sustainable planet.

Hotel Emporium partnership with Sri Lanka Wildlife Conservation Society

Hotel Emporium collaborates with the Sri Lanka Wildlife Conservation Society (SLWCS) to aid elephant conservation through the Ecoexist Project, which aims to mitigate human-elephant conflict and enhance species harmony. This partnership supports conservation, human welfare, and economic progress, encouraging coexistence in competitive resource regions.

Hotel Emporium partnership with Project I Am

Hotel Emporium supports Jahkil Jackson's Project I Am, where he creates "Blessing Bags" for the homeless in Chicago. Jahkil exceeded his goal of distributing 5,000 bags last year, reaching 5,140. With Hotel Emporium's backing, he aims to distribute 6,000 bags this year and inspires youth to get involved in community service.

Hotel Emporium innovative practices

Innovative Practices and Ethical Sourcing

  • Solar energy leadership: We've dramatically cut our energy use by harnessing the power of solar energy, achieving a 70-80% reduction in electricity usage.
  • Advanced waste reduction: Transitioning to bulk dispensers has enabled us to decrease plastic usage by 22%, and we're pushing the boundaries with recycled cardboard and bio-inks for packaging.
  • Eco-innovative products: From bamboo-based materials to water-saving dispensers, our products are designed to minimize environmental impact while enhancing guest experiences.
Hotel Emporium sustainability

Pushing for change in small ways

At Hotel Emporium, we take pride in our journey towards sustainability and innovation. Each milestone achieved reflects our commitment to environmental stewardship and superior service. From implementing solar energy to reducing plastic waste, our progress sets new standards in the hospitality industry for a greener future.

Supporting Biodiversity

Our initiatives contribute to habitat preservation by using ingredients that encourage biodiversity, such as sustainably sourced essential oils.

Sustainable Packaging Initiatives

Eco-friendly materials
Eco-Friendly Materials

We utilize recycled cardboard, biodegradable plastics, and plant-based inks in our packaging. These eco-friendly materials help us minimize waste and lower our carbon footprint.

Reusable and refillable options
Reusable and Refillable Options

Our commitment to sustainability includes providing reusable and refillable packaging solutions. These not only reduce waste but also offer cost-effective and environmentally friendly alternatives for our clients.

Minimalist design
Minimalist Design

Our packaging is designed to be minimalist, using fewer resources and generating less waste while maintaining the elegance and functionality our clients expect.

Certified sustainable sources
Certified Sustainable Sources

All our packaging materials come from certified sustainable suppliers, ensuring that our products support responsible environmental practices.

Sustainable Products

Sustainable products


ECO POD is a pioneer against the single-use plastic pollution, heavy liquid formulations, and bacteria contamination that arise in dispensers. Easy to use, easy to ship, and easy to compost. Together, we can have a stronger impact on the road to a zero plastic future. The fully compostable paper packaging and is made with bamboo, sugarcane, and wood fibers, and printed with soy-based ink printing. A concentrated, waterless powder formula allows lighter transportation, less water consumption, and an overall lower carbon footprint. Each pod has up to 4 uses per pod depending on hair length and use. The pod design ensures easy disposal and a bacteria-free environment. Pour some powder into hand, add water, and rub hands together to turn powder to creamy lather. Apply to wet hair or wet skin, then rinse well!

Eco-friendly product
Eco-friendly product
Eco-friendly product
Eco-friendly product
Eco banner


K. was created in Los Angeles with a sole intention to rethink accessory packaging. As a mover-and-shaker, it makes its way strong into hotel bathrooms, dropping loud statements to awaken and shift mindsets. As an essential element for the body, K. is also friendly for the planet and becomes a sustainable companion to your single-use necessities using zero plastic, just kraft paper.

Eco icons

Advocating for

At Hotel Emporium, we actively promote sustainable practices. We lead advocacy efforts to raise industry standards and influence policies, fostering a commitment to environmental responsibility. Through global partnerships, we aim to inspire sustainable advancements in hospitality and beyond.

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Engaging the local community is a vital component of our work.

hotel emporium sustainability

Join us in shaping
eco-conscious hospitality

Together, let's forge a brighter, more sustainable future for our world and future generations.



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