Hotel Emporium Is Taking the Lead in Sustainable Digital Transformation For Hotel Amenities

Source: Tech Bullion

Through this rebranding, the company is boldly stepping towards making the entire user experience more accessible and efficient in an industry that commonly lacks such innovation.

Los Angeles, Calif., July 6, 2023 – Hotel Emporium, the leading direct manufacturer of premium hotel amenities, announces its digital transformation to meet the ever-changing needs of its customers. Through this initiative, Hotel Emporium is taking a step forward towards making the entire user experience more accessible and convenient.

“At Hotel Emporium, we are focused on providing our customers with quality sustainable amenities that improve their guests’ experience,” said CEO of Hotel Emporium, Andy De Silva. “This digital transformation was the largest technological investment in our company to-date, and I look forward to providing our customers with the best tools and innovative products for success.”

The digital transformation will help Hotel Emporium reach its goal of providing fast turnaround, and top-notch customer service. This launch revamps the 26-year-old company from a products and services only brand to an experience-based company, complete with a rebrand. With a better UX design, its customers can easily find what they’re looking for online and with the assistance of readily available sales help.

With this digital transformation, Hotel Emporium is taking innovation one step further in the following ways:

- The centralization of internal processes and digital technologies leading to rapid response time, improved inventory control, and sales optimization.
- Real-time data and insights into product demand allowing for data-driven decisions and adapting to changing market conditions.
- State-of-the-art online ordering platform empowering customers and enhancing overall experience.
Signature bath amenity brands are undergoing rebranding to enhance customer experience, drive brand recognition, and increase customer engagement.

“Working with Hotel Emporium to create a total rebrand and digital makeover was a delight,” said Chamli Tennakoon, CEO of ChamliMediaLab, “Our teams functioned seamlessly together to create a modern, innovative presence that will take the company well into the future, and in the process, make it more competitive than ever since many in the hospitality industry lack innovative products.”

About Hotel Emporium:

Since 1997, Hotel Emporium has been a trusted direct manufacturer of premium hotel amenities. Their goal has always been to provide quality and service that customers can trust. As a minority and family-owned company, they pride themselves on their passion for delivering luxurious and sophisticated products, attentive customer care, and unmatched pricing. As part of their commitment to preserving the planet for future generations, they have developed eco-friendly amenities collections. From essential to luxurious, they specialize in providing products that meet guest’s needs.

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