Thriving in the Industry with a People-First Philosophy with Hotel Emporium's Andy De Silva

Source: Listening with Leaders

Your host, Doug Noll, talks with the Co-Founder and CEO of Hotel Emporium, Andy De Silva. Hotel Emporium is a leading direct manufacturer of premium hotel amenities founded in 1997. From the start, the company's motto and goal have been six small words: "Quality and Service You Can Trust." They pride themselves in supplying amenities that deliver quality, luxury, and sophistication.

Andy's journey into the hotel supply business began in the early 90s, thanks to his uncle who managed a hotel in Newport Beach. When their regular supplier failed to show up one day, his uncle seized the opportunity and bought a liquid film factory, thus venturing into the amenities business. Born and raised in Sri Lanka, Andy was inspired by his uncle's hotel distribution network and decided to follow in his entrepreneurial footsteps. After high school, he joined his uncle's hotel supply business, working long hours delivering products to hotels.

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