Less Is More

Amaki contains only natural ingredients that blend together to achieve an organically pure mix that results in a healthy complexion. Backed by a philosophy to surround ourselves with positivity, laughter, and love, we encourage you to nurture your body with only the purest amenities. We are an open book when comes to what's in our products - Natural and Organic shouldn't just be an empty saying, it should represent everything about Amaki. Based in Los Angeles, Amaki Skincare is a natural and organic skincare company for everyone that encourages to surround themselves with positivity, laughter, and love by taking time to nurture their body and feel good within and let that glow shine. Amaki's founder, Leigh Huynh, has a back-to-basics approach to beauty care, so Amaki products are gentle yet effective. Each ingredient is carefully chosen to care for your skin and not tested on animals.

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